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Estates Roadshow Southampton 2024

The what? The Estates Forum is a national committee for HE sector estate workers, it meets a couple of times a year in London/Zoom, and once a year has an away day meeting the “Roadshow”. Last year it was in Cambridge this year Southampton. Due to the success of the Estates Roadshow this year, there […]

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Training July to December

Lots of courses for reps, at UNITE. Online and in person. Also some courses from other providers, (get in touch with your learning rep before booking non UNITE courses). LEARNINGHOMEPAGE

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London & Eastern Education Region Newsletter June 2024

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Outsourcing Sucks! UNITE WIN!

Cambridge University brings maintenance back in-house! Staff at Cambridge got this email: After a period of extensive review, the University is moving to a revised model for repairs and maintenance. This will see the service managed by the University’s Estates Division working with directly contracted maintenance suppliers, many of which are specialist local companies already […]

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Technicians Forum.

Loughborough May 2024 UNITE is THE union for technicians, we are the first union to join the Technicians Commitment. As a new supporter, Unite will publish an action plan aligned to increasing the visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability of technicians across all disciplines in the UK and beyond. As a UNITE member and […]

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Cambridge University revealed to have £6 billion as workers languish on poverty-level wages

In-depth research from Unite, the UK’s leading trade union, has uncovered that Cambridge University is sitting on over £6 billion of cash and investments while trying to maintain it can’t afford to help its lowest-paid workers. The revelations coincide with fresh strike action by university workers. Cleaners, librarians, museum workers and many other staff at the university have been in […]

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Regional News Letter, The Cambridge Bit

Jan/Feb2024 Branch Reports: Cambridge Blues A winter of discontent, for poorly paid staff at one of the country’s wealthiest institutions. Staggering Unite recently asked its members in higher education “Are you worried that you will be unable to pay for essentials including food, petrol and heating in the next 12 months if your pay doesn’t […]

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Cheltenham March 2024

Fight For The Right To Strike! Cheltenham March 2024, Cambridge University UNITE branch, joined thousands of other trade unionists from across the country to defend the right to strike, more info here, Inspired by this we are ready for our strike action on the 321st Jan and the 1st and 2nd of Feb. With a […]

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Strike FAQs

Strike FAQs Q – Do I need to announce my strike intentions ahead of time? My manager wants me to fill out a form in advance. You are not required to notify the employer ahead of taking any industrial action, ACAS has pretty clear guidelines on this : We ask that every member let […]

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Striking From Home!

Do you work from home? Yes? How do you strike? The obvious way is to switch off your computer, put the phone on Do Not Disturb, and come and join us on the picket line! But you live miles away and it’s a pain to get into Cambridge to work, never mind not to work… […]