STRIKE! 2024

“Unite’s commitment to the jobs, pay and conditions of its members means it never stands on the sidelines. The workers at Cambridge University have the union’s full backing in their fight for fair pay.”

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham


See You On the Picket Line!

  • Forensic!
  • The Case for Cambridge Weighting.
  • Cambridge University revealed to have £6 billion as workers languish on poverty-level wages
    In-depth research from Unite, the UK’s leading trade union, has uncovered that Cambridge University is sitting on over £6 billion of cash and investments while trying to maintain it can’t afford to help its lowest-paid workers. The revelations coincide with fresh strike action by university workers. Cleaners, librarians, museum workers and many other staff at the university have been in… Read more: Cambridge University revealed to have £6 billion as workers languish on poverty-level wages
  • Regional News Letter, The Cambridge Bit
    Jan/Feb2024 Branch Reports: Cambridge Blues A winter of discontent, for poorly paid staff at one of the country’s wealthiest institutions. Staggering Unite recently asked its members in higher education “Are you worried that you will be unable to pay for essentials including food, petrol and heating in the next 12 months if your pay doesn’t… Read more: Regional News Letter, The Cambridge Bit
  • Regional Newsletter
    January/February 2024
  • Whipple Museum Shut By Industrial Action.
    The Whipples Website Today 29/01/24 Welcome to the Whipple MuseumWe are open five days a week, Monday to Friday 12.30 – 16:30Please note that, due to probable industrial action, the museum will be closed on 31st January, 1st February and 2nd February
    To our members… Dear Members, Update on Pay NegotiationsI am writing to you today to provide an update on the pay dispute for 2023-24. In December we began talks with the University about pay, but they have yet to table an offer. With the help of Unite’s research team, we put together a report on… Read more: UPDATE
  • Strike FAQs
    Strike FAQs Q – Do I need to announce my strike intentions ahead of time? My manager wants me to fill out a form in advance. You are not required to notify the employer ahead of taking any industrial action, ACAS has pretty clear guidelines on this : We ask that every member let… Read more: Strike FAQs
  • Striking From Home!
    Do you work from home? Yes? How do you strike? The obvious way is to switch off your computer, put the phone on Do Not Disturb, and come and join us on the picket line! But you live miles away and it’s a pain to get into Cambridge to work, never mind not to work…… Read more: Striking From Home!
  • It will get well if you picket
    7th November Strike, view from the picket line. Well if the last strike day was wet this one was cold, it was nice in the sun, but Lensfield Road has its shady bits, and one was outside Chemistry. Great turnout again, and a cracking sing-song at the rally, along with some passionate speakers.Lots of letters… Read more: It will get well if you picket
  • Letter To The VC
    Send a message to the VC, It woukld be great if you could print this letter out and post it to the VC, I have included and online link but loads of paper would be better. ToProfessor Deborah PrenticeVice-ChancellorCambridge UniversityOld SchoolsTrinity LaneCB2 1TN Dear Vice-Chancellor, I am a Cambridge student/ a university employee/ a resident… Read more: Letter To The VC
  • Remember Remember The First of November…Strike
    November 1st Strikes. I can feel it in my fingers… Well, it started wet and it finished wet, but we still had a strong showing. We caused a reaction at Chemistry, made an exhibition of ourselves on the New Museums site, booked in at the library, shut down the Fitz, and err had an effective… Read more: Remember Remember The First of November…Strike
  • Keegan hopes to score with union-busting regulations!
    Interesting bit from our newsletter… Extension of the Minimum Service Level Regulations to HE? As is the way with government, mission creep seems to have set in, with Gillian Keegan, the Secretary of State for Education – probably best known for swearing on camera – making an announcement at the Tory Party Conference that she… Read more: Keegan hopes to score with union-busting regulations!
  • October 2023 Cambridge Strikes!
    Great turnout for the strikes! See you on November the 1st! Great turnout for the strikes, Even the rain didn’t put our members off. Solidarity and Donuts! Loads of support from students and the public, special thanks to the Donut Donor of Downing Street, and a big honk to all the motorists who beeped, and… Read more: October 2023 Cambridge Strikes!
  • Why Strike?
    What’s it all about?
    Everything you want to know about picketing but were afraid to ask! Or , it will get better if you picket!
  • Cambridge University Pay Strike 2023
    Industrial Action, Staff Strike Over Pay. Cambridge University must address the pay of essential workers, who have voted to strike. “Any strike action will bring substantial disruption to services for students and staff including building closures. I’d urge the university to come back to the negotiating table with a better offer worthy of our members’… Read more: Cambridge University Pay Strike 2023
    Thanks Guv’nor Very Charitable. Members of the Imperial College Unite branch negotiate locally on pay. Over the past year, the branch has engaged in sustained industrial action (as previously reported in newsletters). Recently, the pay offer presented to branch members, as well as to UCU and Unison members at the college, was rejected by an… Read more: PAY, ONE-OFF PAYMENTS
  • Strike Action At Imperial!
    Imperial College: Branch report on local pay campaign 2022-23 STRIKE! BBC’s Faisal Islam meets Imperial College Unite BS, Mark Keeping (baseball cap) and UCU’s Tom Pike, at the official picket, on 23rd February 2023 Membership Up! The Imperial branch of Unite has seen an increase in membership of over 16% since September last year, primarily… Read more: Strike Action At Imperial!
    Interim payment. The unions have expressed their disappointment that UCEA has instructed its member institutions to impose an interim payment of the 2023/24 pay increase, which is likely to take place in March (backdated to February). The payment will add £1,000 or 2% whichever is greater, to all the National Pay Spine points. This is… Read more: NEWSLETTER March 2023(PAY UPDATE)