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Technicians Forum.

Loughborough May 2024

UNITE is THE union for technicians, we are the first union to join the Technicians Commitment.

As a new supporter, Unite will publish an action plan aligned to increasing the visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability of technicians across all disciplines in the UK and beyond.

As a UNITE member and Technician, how can you get involved? Read on!

At Loughborough University, we held our second Technicians Forum, where University Techs who are UNITE members came together to discuss their experiences keeping Universities from as far afield as Munster and Glasgow, going.

Kelly Vere Programme Director of the Technicians Commitment, spoke to us about, the organisation’s roots and aims.

Ken Drury of the more established Estates Forum, spoke about how the forums (fora?) fitted into Unite’s structure. (Also, Museum staff, watch this space).

An excellent presentation from Julie Turner from Loughborough showed how the Commitment can be administered effectively, leaving some of us realising how useful this could be to our members and how much work was needed to run it properly.

Just as useful as the formal part of the forum, was the chance to chat with other members, and swap “war stories”, over lunch and dinner. Many of us came away with new ideas to engage our members back home!

See what they said about it at Loughborough!

Get Involved

There will be another forum later this year, if you are a higher education technician, badger your branch to send you!
Mail Rob at; and nag him about it!
Come along and tell us what’s happening in your organisation. Let’s show everyone UNITE is THE union for technicians!