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Regional News Letter, The Cambridge Bit

Jan/Feb2024 Branch Reports: Cambridge Blues A winter of discontent, for poorly paid staff at one of the country’s wealthiest institutions. Staggering Unite recently asked its members in higher education “Are you worried that you will be unable to pay for essentials including food, petrol and heating in the next 12 months if your pay doesn’t […]

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January/February 2024

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London & Eastern Education Region NEWSLETTER November 2023

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Keegan hopes to score with union-busting regulations!

Interesting bit from our newsletter… Extension of the Minimum Service Level Regulations to HE? As is the way with government, mission creep seems to have set in, with Gillian Keegan, the Secretary of State for Education – probably best known for swearing on camera – making an announcement at the Tory Party Conference that she […]

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Regional Newsletter October 2023

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London & Eastern Education Region Newsletter,August 2023


Front Page News Newsletters Pay Regional Sector Strike


Interim payment. The unions have expressed their disappointment that UCEA has instructed its member institutions to impose an interim payment of the 2023/24 pay increase, which is likely to take place in March (backdated to February). The payment will add £1,000 or 2% whichever is greater, to all the National Pay Spine points. This is […]

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NEWSLETTERJanuary – February 2023

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London & Eastern Education Region,November 2022 Newsletter

Thank You Our Regional Industrial Sector Committee (London & Eastern RISC) would like to thank everyone who has or is taking part in balloting (yes, thanks for voting!) and especially your hardworking local reps who have been campaigning day after day to get the vote out. For many reps, elected or re-elected during the triennial […]

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PAY, Have Your Say!

GET READY! TO HAVE YOUR SAY! ON HIGHER EDUCATION PAY! 3% is not good enough! With real inflation (RPI) running at 11.8%, it’s a massive national pay cut. Your Unite branch is holding a consultative ballot to find out whether you’d be prepared to take industrial action. Check your email and vote YES! Don’t lose […]