• What’s Going On At Estates???
    12:00 via Zoom! Whats going on? How will it affect me? What does the future hold? Find out more! UNITE MEETING! If you work for Estates, we want to talk to YOU! NON-MEMBERS WELCOME! TUESDAY 12 OCTOBER 12:00 Via Zoom […]
  • Andrew Moss Retirement.
    Andrew Moss Former General Secretary Of ACUA Branch Chair of Cambridge University Unite the Union Andrew retired from the University on 1st March 2021 after (32 years of service) as Chief Research Technician, X-ray, in the Department of Materials Science […]
  • Sharon Graham, UNITE’s New General Secretary.
    Unite the union has today (Wednesday) announced the final results of its members’ vote for each of the three candidates which is as follows:  Sharon Graham –  46,696 votes Steve Turner – 41,833 votes Gerard Coyne – 35,334 votes. A total of 124,147 votes […]
  • Insourcing!
    UNION WIN! Pleased to announce we've worked with @unisontheunion, @unitetheunion & @lshtmUCU to bring our outsourced cleaning & security staff in-house. We want LSHTM to be a great place to work & study for all. Thank you to everyone who […]
  • Unite Newsletter – August 2021
    2021 Pay negotiations It looks increasingly likely that, despite all the higher education unions rejecting the offer and registering that we are in dispute, the universities’ national bargaining body (UCEA) will recommend that UK universities impose the 1.5% pay rise. […]
  • Newsletter July 2021
    VOTE SHARON! & The end to lockdown.
  • PAY 21/22
    PAY… Too Long Didn’t Read…(One and a half to three and a half per cent ish, UNITE Members voted to reject, Employers implementing it anyway. Unions now in dispute…figures here https://uniteuoc.org.uk/pay-spine-21-22/ …watch this space.) UNITE’S Position Our joint union pay claim for this year was for a pay uplift of £2500 on all pay points and an increase in all pay-related allowances including London weighting and an additional uplift at the lower end of the pay spine to address pay compression. This claim reflects that pay in higher education is falling behind public sector pay. This would provide for a minimum of […]
  • Pay Spine 21/22
    note from admin Ill format this better but the data was not in CSV so Im having to hand enter it into a spread sheet, until I work out how to do it with SED… Appendix: UCEA final offer – New JNCHES negotiating round 2021-22 £ £ % £ 3 16,736 602 3.60% 17,338 4 17,046 550 3.23% 17,596 5 17,361 540 3.11% 17,901 6 17,682 530 3.00% 18,212 7 18,009 520 2.89% 18,529 8 18,342 510 2.78% 18,852 9 18,709 500 2.67% 19,209 10 19,133 490 2.56% 19,623 11 19,612 480 2.45% 20,092 12 20,130 470 2.33% 20,600 13 […]

As a recognised union, UNITE represents non-academic staff across Cambridge University, and is part of the national negotiating team on pay and terms and conditions.

Not only do we negotiate on pay, our reps can help if you have work related problems. Find out how we can help you. Get in touch.

Unite also has a whole host of other benefits from a will writing service to travel discounts. We offer training courses, and a 24 hour legal helpline.

Our Unite Branch is recognised by the University to have representational and collective bargaining rights for all professional staff.

Unite Cambridge University
Branch LE0755M
16 Mill Lane
Cambridge, CB2 1SB