Cambridge University is one of the richest education institutions in the UK and has billions of pounds at its disposal. Yet rather than help its lowest paid workers with the cost of living in one of the most expensive cities in the UK it is fiddling while Rome burns. It pleas of poverty have been exposed as being entirely hollow.
Unite general secretary Sharon Graham

Fun Fact, UNITE’s £70 Per Day Strike Pay, For Full-Time Workers, Is More Than Many Staff Are Paid!

(I’d be a bit embarrassed about that. If I was an incredibly wealthy organisation. #justsayin’).

As a recognised union, UNITE represents non-academic staff across Cambridge University, and is part of the national negotiating team on pay and terms and conditions.

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Workers in the Education sector need a powerful, collective voice that will win the respect they deserve at work. Whether your role is research, technical, IT, professional services, administration or clerical, skilled or estates, UNITE is the trade union that works hard for you.

  • The Case for Cambridge Weighting.
  • Cambridge University revealed to have £6 billion as workers languish on poverty-level wages
    In-depth research from Unite, the UK’s leading trade union, has uncovered that Cambridge University is sitting on over £6 billion of cash and investments while trying to maintain it can’t afford to help its lowest-paid workers. The revelations coincide with fresh strike action by university workers. Cleaners, librarians, museum workers and many other staff at the university have been in a long-running pay dispute over the failure of the institution to acknowledge the cost of housing in Cambridge as well as the wider inflationary pressure on its lowest-paid workers. Some are being paid less than £23,000 per year yet live and work in one of the… Read more: Cambridge University revealed to have £6 billion as workers languish on poverty-level wages
  • Regional News Letter, The Cambridge Bit
    Jan/Feb2024 Branch Reports: Cambridge Blues A winter of discontent, for poorly paid staff at one of the country’s wealthiest institutions. Staggering Unite recently asked its members in higher education “Are you worried that you will be unable to pay for essentials including food, petrol and heating in the next 12 months if your pay doesn’t rise in line with inflation?” A staggering 71% responded that they were. Had Enough In Cambridge, a city with one of the highest costs of living in the country, university staff have had enough. Not a traditionally militant, our branch voted for action and held… Read more: Regional News Letter, The Cambridge Bit
  • Regional Newsletter
    January/February 2024
  • It will get well if you picket
    7th November Strike, view from the picket line. Well if the last strike day was wet this one was cold, it was nice in the sun, but Lensfield Road has its shady bits, and one was outside Chemistry. Great turnout again, and a cracking sing-song at the rally, along with some passionate speakers.Lots of letters to the VC were handed out for signing, hopefully, they get posted and clog up the VC’s inbox. Please please print off a copy and send it in. LINKAt the very least follow this link, and tick the boxes online. So what do we want?Fair… Read more: It will get well if you picket

Our Unite Branch is recognised by the University to have representational and collective bargaining rights for all professional staff.

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