We have put our claim for Cambridge Weighting to the wealthy University. Find out what they said, (spoiler they are pleading poverty again).
In 2006, when he announced a new pay structure and job evaluation scheme Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Andy Cliff described University staff as “our most valuable asset”. Find out what they really think of you…

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As a recognised union, UNITE represents non-academic staff across Cambridge University, and is part of the national negotiating team on pay and terms and conditions.

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Workers in the Education sector need a powerful, collective voice that will win the respect they deserve at work. Whether your role is research, technical, IT, professional services, administration or clerical, skilled or estates, UNITE is the trade union that works hard for you.

  • It will get well if you picket
    7th November Strike, view from the picket line. Well if the last strike day was wet this one was cold, it was nice in the sun, but Lensfield Road has its shady bits, and one was outside Chemistry. Great turnout again, and a cracking sing-song at the rally, along with some passionate speakers.Lots of letters to the VC were handed out for signing, hopefully, they get posted and clog up the VC’s inbox. Please please print off a copy and send it in. LINKAt the very least follow this link, and tick the boxes online. So what do we want?Fair… Read more: It will get well if you picket
  • Letter To The VC
    Send a message to the VC, It woukld be great if you could print this letter out and post it to the VC, I have included and online link but loads of paper would be better. ToProfessor Deborah PrenticeVice-ChancellorCambridge UniversityOld SchoolsTrinity LaneCB2 1TN Dear Vice-Chancellor, I am a Cambridge student/ a university employee/ a resident of Cambridge. *(delete as appropriate). I am writing in support of the Cambridge University Unite Branch and its continuing efforts to secure a fair level of pay for Cambridge University employees. It is well known that Cambridge is a very expensive place to live. Fewuniversity… Read more: Letter To The VC
  • Remember Remember The First of November…Strike
    November 1st Strikes. I can feel it in my fingers… Well, it started wet and it finished wet, but we still had a strong showing. We caused a reaction at Chemistry, made an exhibition of ourselves on the New Museums site, booked in at the library, shut down the Fitz, and err had an effective picket line at the Sedgwick site, (you think of something funny to work with Sedgwick, “made ’em sick at the Sedgwick” see not easy is it!). Loads of support from the students, many of them wanting to know what they could do to help. Hopefully,… Read more: Remember Remember The First of November…Strike
  • October 2023 Cambridge Strikes!
    Great turnout for the strikes! See you on November the 1st! Great turnout for the strikes, Even the rain didn’t put our members off. Solidarity and Donuts! Loads of support from students and the public, special thanks to the Donut Donor of Downing Street, and a big honk to all the motorists who beeped, and van drivers who didn’t cross the picket lines. Staff at Cambridge University one of the richest institutions in the world, in one of the most expensive cities in the country to live in, have put up with years of below-inflation pay rises. The value of… Read more: October 2023 Cambridge Strikes!
  • Why Strike?
    What’s it all about?

Our Unite Branch is recognised by the University to have representational and collective bargaining rights for all professional staff.

Unite Cambridge University
Branch LE0755M
16 Mill Lane
Cambridge, CB2 1SB