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National Pay Negotiation for the 2022-2023 pay award has already started. The initial proposal is 3%, which isn’t good enough to cover the costs of living in Cambridge with inflation being over 8% and rising. Also, we workers at Cambridge University lost 20% of our pay in the last 12 years, this means that experienced staff is now working 1 day for free, and the newer workforce can’t afford what their older colleagues could afford 12 years ago.

Unite is saying enough is enough! Our Cambridge members deserve better!

Prices are going up at unprecedented speed, the wages must start catching up. As the University staff, we are highly skilled and committed to our job, it’s time we will be rewarded accordingly.

By standing United we can achieve our goal. We need you on board, if you are Unite member and you still haven’t filled in our survey please do so by clicking:

Cambridge University is an exempt charity with very healthy accounts – CHARITY STARTS AT HOME.

If you aren’t our member yet – JOIN – we need you on board! If you have more questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us… or join online via….