Friday Update

Friday update 25/3/22

Oh my God, It’s actually Friday, that can’t be right! 

Jumble sales are organized

And pamphlets have been posted

Even after closing time there’s still parties to be hosted

You can be active with the activists

Or sleep in with the sleepers

While you’re waiting for the great leap forwards

B Bragg Waiting For the Great Leap Forwards.

Billy Bragg – Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards (Official Video)


Looking a bit beyond Estates and Hogwarts in the Fen, today.

ARM(‘s) and THE MAN!

The Geopolitical and business ramifications, (Thesaurus doesn’t mean an achy bum), have been picked over in the usual places. So I will just say it was no surprise to anyone, that the first step to going public is shafting the workforce…

Our local activists have been busy on the gate supporting members and trying to get nonmembers on board so we can support them through this!

There are various campaigns for union recognition ongoing, Starbucks, Amazon, UCU at the Uni, and Brewdog, to name but a few but the most important one locally is at ARM.

If you know anyone at ARM they need to join UNITE, before things get worse. After all, if P & O can attempt massive shitbaggery, with a recognised Union, what chance do you have without one!

The tech sector has enjoyed fast expansion and a “wild west” approach to employees’ rights with a long hours big bucks, culture, now as the businesses mature companies are hoping that no one notices them moving to a long hours and lump it model. 

Unions might not appeal, to the bleeding edge tech bros, but exploiting your workforce under the cover of “being like a family” is just old fashioned feudalism, tug your forelock to the guvnor and if you work till you drop you might get some Pizza. Silicon fen’s fun cyber hippy boss image has not aged well, under the veneer of pool tables and bean bags, everyone is working for the Man.

UNITE Press release:


Link to fatcat saying they ignored the law

Words Fail Me…

Workers dumped for replacements at half minimum wage…

Nice to see Union members showing solidarity with their comrades by not handling these ships.

This needs stamping on as if they get away with it this time it will be rampant, and not just at sea. Don’t forget PLCs have a legal duty to maximize revenue for shareholders, they don’t “have” to be ethical, let’s make sure they DO at least have to stay on the right side of the law.

 Let’s have the Maritime wage brought up to a decent amount, no matter where the ship is registered.

A Fair day’s pay wherever you hail from or sail from!

Latest on these two stories…

Calls for P&O Ferries boss Peter Hebblethwaite to resign grow.

Goldman Sachs reportedly set to head up $60bn Arm IPO

Branch Elections.

It was AGM and Branch elections this week, more news on that when I get my hands on the Official Minuets.

Don’t worry though you can still become a rep. We need you!

Be active with the activists, the revolution is just an email away! While we are waiting for the great leap forwards…

Be seeing you…