Estates Friday Update Have your say. Outsourcing Pay

Friday Update 25/2/22

Let’s face it, we are not going to get a decent pay rise this year unless we fight for it!

The rise in inflation across all measures continues with 30-year highs on both the RPI (7.8%) & CPI (5.5%)

Figures show that real pay is plummeting – a fall of 3.8% on RPI real earnings on the year (the worst decline for 11 years) and 1.8% on CPI (the worst decline for 8 years).

Let’s face it, we are not going to get a decent pay rise this year unless we fight for it.

We haven’t had a decent rise for years and that’s something the powers that be are quite happy about.

Here’s Andrew Bailey Governor of the bank of England on the BBC

Asked if the Bank was also implicitly asking workers not to demand big pay rises, he said: “Broadly, yes”.

No doubt the University will either claim poverty, or hide behind national bargaining, ignoring the fact that not only are Estates workers not getting the cost of living rises they deserve, but also that, our pay lags behind industry for the jobs that we do… double bubble. Allowing management to run the division understaffed as they “can’t get anyone”.

As usual, we are the ones who have to make sacrifices to solve someone else’s cock up.

“Workers didn’t cause galloping inflation or the energy crisis so why should they pay for it? Unite will always seek pay deals that reflect the true cost of living because anything else is a wage cut.”

Sharon Graham, Unite Secretary General

What can we do?

Fight! But we will actually have to stick our necks out and take inspiration from the Maintenance Unit, who are fighting against outsourcing (More Here)

Taking strike action is a complex procedure for the union these days thanks to anti-union legislation. There are numerous hoops to jump through to allow us to legally strike (showing that it works, otherwise why legislate if it was just a waste of union resources and time).

The main one is us having correct and up to date membership data for when we ballot, as any discrepancies will allow the university to challenge the legality of the action.

So if you haven’t please fill in our membership survey

or email our office with your name workplace and job title.

Or talk to your rep….

It’s quite likely that you will be getting a phone call from the union, asking about these details (depending on what box you have ticked on a form sometimes).

Please be nice, it’s not a caller from a call centre its a volunteer from the branch who is probably regretting the offer to phone people up now they are doing it. (it could be me!)

(Usual common sense applies don’t give out your bank details or the like and if you think it’s dodgy just hang up).

Show Solidarity With the UCU!

One of the things they are campaigning about is pay, we are stronger together. turn up at some of their rallys and chat to them on the picket lines. let them know they have support from UNITE.

Its not a waste of time!

New Unite settlements on LRD Payline in the last three months

Menzies Aviation Heathrow Ground HandlingTransport01/01/22From 1 January 2022, a 7% increase for ground handling staff.
A further pay review in line with the anniversary date of May 2022.
BMW (Mini plant Oxford)Manufacturing01/01/22First year of a three stage three year agreement with a 5.5% increase in basic pay from 1 January 2022.
Plus two lump sum payments – £1000 in April and £500 in July.
Nottingham City Transport (NCT)Transport31/01/22From 31 January 2022, two months ahead of the usual pay anniversary date, a £1.00ph increase to Drivers’ rates of pay, taking the top rate to £13.10ph, an 8.3% increase. Starter rate increases to £11.32ph, a 9.3% increase. After six months’ service, pay rate increases to £11.71ph.
Hamton Environmental Services (Ford)Manufacturing01/01/22A 5.1% increase from 1 January 2022.
UrencoEnergy01/01/22A 5% increase on all pay rates, grades and allowances from 1 January 2022.
Plus a non-consolidated payment of £750.
Porvair SciencesServices01/01/22A 9% increase from 1 January 2022.
Plus a one-off £250.
Gleaner OilChemicals01/01/22A 5.5% increase from 1 January 2022.
Plus £1000 paid in November 2021 and a further £1000 to be paid March 2022.
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (Tewkesbury)Manufacturing01/01/22A 4.6% increase to all rates of pay from 1 January 2022.A joint commitment to develop initiatives designed to reduce scrap.
Legal & GeneralFinance01/01/22From 1 January 2022, a 4.5% increase across all grades for successful performers in 2021. A further 0.5% available to ensure staff are within their salary range and to deal with any anomalies.
Allied Bakeries (Belfast)Food manufacturing01/01/2201/01/23First year of a two stage two year agreement with a 4% increase from 1 January 2022.In the second year, from 1 January 2023, a further 4% increase will be applied.
Sean Graham BookmakersServices06/12/21A four month deal from 6 December 2021 with a 6.6% increase for all grades.  A further increase will be negotiated from 1 April 2022.

Source: LRD Pay & Conditions database online, February 2022

Not to mention local wins at Stagecoach


We have had support and solidarity from branches nation wide.

We must stand strong as management is relying on us not having the patience to see this out, and are putting it about that we are fed up and just want an end to it.

Once again an example of Estate management underestimating its work force. 

There will have to be a lot of work to regain the trust that has been lost over this.


UNITE is a democratic organisation where reps and other functions are elected. Elections will take place soon.

realistically if you want to be a rep you will be elected…

We need more reps…


Now Me and Vern are at Chemistry its more difficult to see whats going on at estates, we need reps in the maintenance unit, and also, people on the ground (or WFH) in other parts of ED. (and the rest of the place).

You will get training and support and its an opportunity to get involved with a national organisation.

If you feel stuck in a rut at work its a good way to unstick yourself, and it gives you some inside into whats going on at other universities. (Thats a real eye-opener).


A Typical Rep, With Woolly Hat.