Estates Friday Update

Friday Update 6/3/22, (I know, that’s Sunday, don’t @ me!)


The outsourcing negotiations are becoming a war of attrition. Management hope their intransigence will weaken our resolve, and appear to be going forward with their plans behind the scenes, The good news is we have it on paper that there will be no TUPE of staff, the bad news is that Equans are getting their corporate feet under the table.


UNITES National Estates Committee Met this month, so we could compare polo shirts…, and share information between university estates teams. It’s a real eye-opener!

Sharon’s Tweet, shows even Nhs trusts are insourcing, and most higher education establishments are doing the same.

Nottingham For example is bringing TWO hotels in house, and Queens in NI, has been bringing cleaners in house. (Mind you they could do with paying them a decent wage, they only get 2p over the minimum and are struggling to recruit).

Trade recruitment seems a problem all over, and it’s always the same story, low wages lead to poor recruitment, University’s appear to need a Professorship in the Bleeding Obvious!

Pro Tip! If you pay your staff well you won’t need to pay a mark up to a contracting firm, it’s not rocket surgery!

Nottingham has a novel approach to staff fitness, an app that rewards walking with credit at the canteen, it’s proving popular with security patrollers, but how long before a black market in steps arises…?

Out Of The Woods?

Back to home matters, the gov is leaving it up to individuals to deal with covid, What do you think? it’s clear the Depts are all interpreting the advice from central university differently, as estates workers you get everywhere maybe we could have a league table of the good the bad and the ugly.

Outside Chance

I’m going to end with the traditional plea for more reps, It’s your union, and you decide what happens, so get involved!

Branch Meeting on Monday 7th March keep an eye out for details,

( We need to think about in-person meetings, as the social club is gone we need a new venue…All Ideas welcome)