Front Page Pay Strike

Remember Remember The First of November…Strike

November 1st Strikes.

I can feel it in my fingers…

Well, it started wet and it finished wet, but we still had a strong showing.

We caused a reaction at Chemistry, made an exhibition of ourselves on the New Museums site, booked in at the library, shut down the Fitz, and err had an effective picket line at the Sedgwick site, (you think of something funny to work with Sedgwick, “made ’em sick at the Sedgwick” see not easy is it!).

Loads of support from the students, many of them wanting to know what they could do to help.
Hopefully, we should soon have a letter to the VC that everyone can send, to show their support.

Cats, Steam and Strikers

In the meantime, Odysseus the cat showed solidarity at the library, Busses bin-men and a vintage Rolls honked for fair pay, and we got a whistle from a stream road roller.

We really want to see you on the 7th. If you are striking make it count and join us on the picket lines and demo. If you are not, come and see us on your breaks, we would love to see you.


Join us in UNITE, join us in our fight for fair pay and join us on the picket line.


Now, how does this work..?