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Promotion and Contribution Reward Schemes

University Statement.

Promotion and Contribution Reward Schemes
Members of staff will be aware that the University took the difficult decision to suspend all staff promotion and contribution reward schemes for this academic year, with one exception. The University Council will be asked at its next meeting to confirm that all such schemes will run as normal next year, and to review the budgetary implications. Exceptionally, we have continued to run one Contribution Reward Scheme this year as part of our overall package of support measures. This has allowed Assistant staff in grades 1-5 to apply for a single contribution payment. Due to the very high standard of applications, and to the exceptional contribution made by so many members of our assistant staff colleagues over the past year, we have now provided additional funds for this scheme. Successful applicants will be informed of the outcome shortly.

UNITE’s Response.

“Unite won this. If we hadn’t requested that the contribution reward for these grades be maintained in recognition of the hard-working staff who have been keeping the university open whilst colleagues remain at home, there would not have been an award.”

Will Smith, Branch Secretary.