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This months branch (Dec 2021) voted to ballot our full membership over strike action due to the consistently poor pay deals we have been getting for years.

You should have received your ballot in your email if not get in touch at

Voting closes on the 10th of December but at least we can update your details. (It’s really important).

The Pay Ballot, What you are voting for!

This is a consultative ballot, thanks to anti-union legislation we have to jump through numerous hoops before we can go on strike.

This stage of the proceedings is a consultative ballot that will allow us to have an official postal ballot.

what you are voting for is to allow us to move to the postal ballot stage.

It’s vital that as many of you as possible vote, the power of a Union comes from its members.


The Universities are pleading poverty. The unions claim otherwise. Members have rejected the pay offer, The Uni’s have held firm. The next move is up to us. Are we going to take industrial action? Or are we going to leave it for another year? Whatever you think PLEASE vote!

Hand putting a ballot in a box.

Staff working in Higher Education have suffered a pay freeze over the last year and below-inflation pay rises in recent years which means our pay is not keeping pace with the cost of living; 50% of Unite members frequently work longer than their contracted hours; 72% of members experience workplace stress and 50% rate staff morale as bad or terrible.

Remember, HE management has been grooming staff for years to be grateful for whatever morsels they throw down from the top table. They have encouraged this partly by endlessly linking any attempt to fairly
increase staff pay with threats of redundancies, outsourcing and casualisation to pay for what they obviously consider a luxury. But low pay increases have done nothing whatsoever to deter bosses from any of these kinds of anti-staff actions. Don’t forget there are increasing numbers being paid over £100,00 per year in the sector while the worth of the pay of everyone providing the actual day-to-day services, and support needed to run an institution effectively, has declined drastically in real terms in the past decade. And this is set to get worse with large increases in the cost of living and National Insurance.

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Use your PAY BALLOT.

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