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Lateral Flow Tests at Estates Management

Lateral flow tests
Update 10/2/21

Well, it looks like the lateral flow tests have hit the (EM)stores,
It seems that the University (central not just the dept) has a fairly strict criteria for who gets to have them.

“Under the pilot, use of LFTs is restricted to staff who meet the following criteria:
• currently work on-site five days a week AND EITHER
• use public transport to travel into work
• work in settings involving close face-to-face contact with students, colleagues, visitors, contractors or the wider public, where social distancing is very difficult.”

If any one feels they have been excluded, “In error” then I would suggest that you let me or Vern know too so we can keep an eye on this…
Email me on or at least cc me in to any correspondence with HR on the matter.