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Lateral Flow Tests at Estates Management

Lateral flow tests
Update 10/2/21

Well, it looks like the lateral flow tests have hit the (EM)stores,
It seems that the University (central not just the dept) has a fairly strict criteria for who gets to have them.

“Under the pilot, use of LFTs is restricted to staff who meet the following criteria:
• currently work on-site five days a week AND EITHER
• use public transport to travel into work
• work in settings involving close face-to-face contact with students, colleagues, visitors, contractors or the wider public, where social distancing is very difficult.”

If any one feels they have been excluded, “In error” then I would suggest that you let me or Vern know too so we can keep an eye on this…
Email me on [email protected] or at least cc me in to any correspondence with HR on the matter.