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(YOUR!)Letter to the VC!

Print this out, sign it, and pop it in the post,( or UMS). More details below

Here’s where we need your help:

It is essential that the senior management are made aware of the strength of feeling of the wider university, both against outsourcing and in the support of our colleagues who are threatened with both TUPE transfer and redundancies in the wider University.

I have attached a pro forma letter. We need as many people as possible to print this letter, sign it and send it to the Vice-Chancellors office. Please do add any comments you have about this attempt at outsourcing on the reverse side of the letter. There is nothing to stop you from sending copies to other members of the council as well.

Please discuss this with your colleagues. They may not be members of a union but there is nothing to stop them from taking this action. We will need their support if we are going to succeed. Please send the letters as soon as possible – before 12th November if you can.

12 ON THE 12TH

Finally, please join us outside the University Senate House at 12.00 noon on Friday 12th November when we will be holding an Outsourcing Sucks! campaign rally. Our ambition is to get at least a thousand supporters to this rally. Only you can make this happen.

Please support us in this campaign, and we will continue to make every effort to continue to support you in your workplace.

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