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Striking From Home!

Do you work from home? Yes? How do you strike?

The obvious way is to switch off your computer, put the phone on Do Not Disturb, and come and join us on the picket line!

A picket line, with a dog, narratively speaking, It should not appear till later, pretend you can’t see it. Also, I hope that’s not something rude in semaphore.

But you live miles away and it’s a pain to get into Cambridge to work, never mind not to work…

Well, let me introduce you to…

Striking From Home.

– 1 Do Not, I repeat Do Not! Look at your work email, you are on strike, it’s not your problem. (It’s not like they are paying you, so stop peeking!)

– 2 Get on social media, (find us here.)There will be pictures to like, and posts to share, the more people who know about the strike the better!

– 3 Got a Unite hat? Got a dog? Hat on while walking the dog! (On you, not the dog.) Share pictures on social media… (I hate the term as well, social media, yuk,! Sounds like a Greek play you can get infected by.)

A Dog, being a dog. You can stop pretending not to see it now, who’s a good dog? Yes you are, yes you are…

– 4 Got a Unite Hat? Got a cat? Hat on while the cat treats you with contempt, after all, it already thinks you are its slave!

Yes I know, no one has a unite hat on, Give me a chance, Its a cat on a picket line.

– 5 Virtual Picket Line, get the Lego, Barbie, Playmobil, Action Man, whatever and get them on the picket line, (Again I want to see pics or it didn’t happen).

Striking From Home, Playmobil work men in a desktop picket line.
I don’t know where to start with this one…

– 6 Don’t forget to claim your strike pay, For some of us, it’s more money than our actual pay…

– 7 If possible, join us outside St Marys for our last-day rally.
(2nd Feb, 12:30)
We would love to see you, and if you are present we can expedite your strike pay.

Not a member, join today!