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Newsletter July 2021

VOTE SHARON! & The end to lockdown.

Vote for Sharon Graham, & The end to lockdown?

The end to lockdown?

Current expectation is that the Government will announce a complete removal of COVID 19 restrictions on 19th July. This could well include a return to work for all staff. Face to face teaching could be re-established. Face masks could no longer be required and the need for social distancing could end.

However, against all this there is a backdrop of rising numbers of people testing positive for the virus. The double vaccine does offer some protection, but not everyone has, at present, been given two injections, and whilst we can have some confidence that British citizens have been vaccinated, how can we be sure that students from abroad have had access to a vaccine?

It is for this reason we believe that Cambridge University will take a pragmatically cautious approach as we return to normality. Risk assessments should continue to be of paramount importance, and we should continue to take every precaution to ensure that we are all safe.

Sharon Graham – members first – politics last!

Unite Cambridge University Branch has nominated Sharon Graham as the next Unite General Secretary. If elected she has promised that the union will concentrate resources on the supporting lay representatives and unite members, and push the political agenda – which seems to be focussed on controlling the Labour party – to the rear.

This will be a refreshing change. Now is the time to promote and support the benefits that the trade union movement can bring to the workplace. Sharon has promised greater support, more training, and a greater understanding of ground level workplace issues.

Your vote counts.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

The General Secretary ballot paper will be posted to your home address. Please don’t bin it! Vote for Sharon Graham and improve the union.