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Human Rights Act. Human Rights, Act!

Despite advice, reviews and reports continuing to support the Human Rights Act (incorporating the European convention on human rights), this finger-wagging government seems to believe that it can shore up support by rolling back these rights from those it wants to target. That means, potentially, anyone at all that wants and needs to challenge those in positions of power such as the government. The potential loss of rights will include the ability of individuals to hold institutions to account through the courts, if necessary, right up to the European Court of Human Rights. At the heart of being in a trade union is the vital idea of equality, but these so called ‘reforms’ could well begin to erode and undermine hard-won working rights and entitlements. The government’s reluctance to protect workers is already clear despite shouty press releases about, say, what has happened at P&O or the injustice of ‘fire and rehire’ – that the government refuses to ban. You can add your voice to prevent this next step in the government’s plans to suppress any potential protest or challenges to their and other institutions’ power by signing this petition. For more information about the threat link to Liberty’s website. 


London & Eastern Education Region, July 2022, Newsletter.