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Laundry Farm And Development
The Cambridge Evening News Reports that there are proposals for new housing being built off the Barton Road, and it looks like Laundry farm is slap bang in the middle.

As no plans have been submitted this doesn’t seem to be imminent, after all we all know buildings that have been due to be knocked down next year for the last 20 years. But its a big chunk of land, there’s going to be a park and ride nearby, and god knows where the proposed rail link is going.

Is a bit ironic for us farmies that this development is supposed to provide access to jobs in the city while at the same time probably moving our workplace even further away from us.

Also… what this about a “high quality neighbourhood”, I think we are pretty high quality anyway….

Is this the future are the Colleges and University, going to become property companies with a sideline in online courses, maybe they will move into the leisure sector flogging the “University Experience”

What do you think…?