Friday Update

Friday Update 24/1/22

It’s not Friday, it’s not much of an update, but I’m still here!

Friday Update!

Rob and Vern are now at Chemistry, but we are still at the university and still UNITE reps.


Thanks to your efforts with the demonstrations, the University has decided to look at the issue and has set up a working group. This doesn’t mean the matter is put to bed. Estates are still very keen to push on and only see this as a delay. However, it does show that if you stand up and stand together you can get stuff done. There are still colleagues at risk of TUPE and they need us all to stand firm to protect their positions at the university.

If you are not a member then please consider joining, it’s never been so important!

Branch Elections

If you are a member, we need REPS, boots on the ground, and the branch elections are coming up, to be honest, if you express an interest you are going to get elected, we always need reps.

The Union is only as strong as its members, it’s not like the AA, a service you pay for, it’s a framework for workers to protect themselves because no one is going to do it for them…Remember HR’s job is to protect the University, not you…


To put it bluntly, we need more money, and we are not going to get it by sitting on our bums. Just heating your home is getting more and more expensive, and our wages have been lagging behind inflation for years. We get offers of 1% or even less and are expected to take it like good little boys and girls. 

This one is going to take National action as our pay is negotiated at that level, the employers always claim that they would like to pay more but there’s always some institution that can’t afford it…

If we ballot it’s vital that we do better than we did on the consultative ballot, the turnout (not Estates I suspect, you lot know the score) was poor. We need those of you who go around the departments to spread the word, it’s only ticking a box on a form and posting it. It could make all the difference to your pay!