Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup 31 March 2024 (Sunday)…We Need You!


They say it’s undignified to beg, but I lost my dignity years ago!

Not the AA!

We need reps, we always need reps, a union isn’t like the AA, where you pay your money and a very nice man, fixes your car.( that ages me, anyone under about 40 google it). In fact, unless the GenSec has had a funny turn UNITE won’t fix your car at all, (try hitting the starter with your shoe). A union is a framework for its members to help each other.
That’s that solidarity we bang on about. So we need you to step up and have a swing.

Elf and Safety.

That doesn’t mean casework necessarily, there are plenty of other things that need doing. The Branch needs Health and Safety reps, Equalities reps, Learning reps, we need poster makers, meme masters, committee err commissars as well as casework demons!

There is really good training available, and lots of support.

Comfort Zone.

I can’t promise you won’t end up outside your comfort zone.
As a dedicated sitter at the back and hide if anyone speaks to me merchant no one is more surprised than me to discover that I’m chair of a regional committee, and MC’ing at branch strike rallies. I didn’t see that coming. The thing is the jobs needed doing, and they just needed a warm body.


So if you are one of the new members we have picked up during the strikes, or an old hand who has been sitting at the back, We need you, to take an active part in the union, Turning up to a branch meeting would be a good start.

Fun Fact

In-depth research from Unite, the UK’s leading trade union, has uncovered that Cambridge University is sitting on over £6 billion of cash and investments while trying to maintain it can’t afford to help its lowest-paid workers.

More Here

I had to look up how many noughts! It’s Nine, £6000000000.
If you were paid 100 grand a year from this massive cash pot (Mr Hunt thinks that is not very much), it would last 600000, that’s six hundred thousand, years!