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Bulletin Election Special!

The Executive Council have set in hand the election of the new Unite general secretary. The current general secretary, Len McCluskey, will step down from office and the successful candidate will assume office at the conclusion of the election.

Cambridge University Unite Branch Bulletin 

Unite to elect a new general secretary 

The Executive Council have set in hand the election of the new Unite general secretary. The current general secretary, Len McCluskey, will step down from office and the successful candidate will assume office at the conclusion of the election. 

In accordance with the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992.  Civica Election Services have been appointed to act as Independent Scrutineer for this ballot. They can be contacted at the following address: The Independent Scrutineer, Civica Election Services, Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW. 


For a candidate to be accepted for entry to the ballot they must receive a minimum of 174 branch nominations.  

There are 4 Unite members seeking nomination. Cambridge University Unite is eligible  to nominate one candidate. Branch members are invited to a zoom discussion meeting at 12.00pm on Wednesday 2nd June. At the end of which we will vote by a show of hands. Zoom details will be sent to the branch mailing list on Tuesday 1st June. Please join us if you can 

Will Smith 

CU Unite 

Branch Secretary 

Each candidate has made a nomination statement as noted below. 

General Secretary Election 2021- The following statements have been submitted by members seeking nomination in the above election. Please draw these statements to the attention of your branch when making a nomination. The membership and branch number of the members seeking nomination and contact details provided are shown. Should you wish to get in touch with them you may direct. When making nominations please refer to the letter inviting nominations sent separately and the ballot guidelines also circulated your branch. Please ensure that you the use the nominee’s branch and membership number information on the nomination form when making a nomination. Your branch may make one nomination. Your branch may nominate a member other than those who have submitted a candidate statement and who are eligible to stand in this election. If you have any queries please contact us at

Howard Beckett – Membership Number: 15008538 Branch: LE/128Mobile: +44 7935 446614 E-mail: Further Information:

Dear colleague, thank you for taking the time to read this, but most of all for your hard work and that of your branch. We are a member-led union. Unite was built by our members. Unite belongs to our members and I want to return influence to our members; to resource branches fully; to modernise our union and devolve authority to nations and regions. I am asking for your support, to do exactly that. Post-Covid, we must re-focus our priorities, with one above all: improving the lives of our members, by any and every means necessary. To do this, I need the support of your branch, by nominating me for General Secretary. Let’s build your voice in the workplace and in society, together. I’m currently Assistant General Secretary, responsible for legal, politics, CPPT and Services; former Regional Secretary and a veteran of many industrial disputes. 

Gerard Coyne – Membership Number: 14386317Branch: WM/6090Mobile: 07562 546658E-mail: Further Information:

I am standing to change Unite the Union. I believe our Union must change and modernise in order to be successful, effective and relevant. I know we can provide more support to Reps and Branch Officers, and a better service for Unite Members. I served our Union as an employee for 28 years and stood in the 2017 General Secretary election. Since then, I have continued listening to members and campaigning for change. We must focus on jobs, pay and conditions rather than Westminster politics. Unite has spent £98m on its Birmingham hotel and conference centre. I believe this shows the wrong priorities, and if elected I will hold an independent, published review of the project. Please nominate and support me if you want real change in Unite. Find out more at and contact me at or 07562 546658. Gerard Coyne, Branch WM/6090, Member 14386317. 

Sharon Graham – Membership Number: 1410384Branch: LE/128Mobile: 07838 293392E-mail: Further Information:  

It’s time to take our Union back to the workplace. Our members’ priority is core business – protecting jobs and improving pay and conditions. There is now a clear choice. We can drive the politics from the workplace, or continue going over the same ground getting nowhere. I will transform Unite – using my experience of winning every dispute I have led and negotiating deals with some of our biggest employers. I will introduce a comprehensive Industrial Programme for change that includes our Retired and Community members. I will take our Shop Steward and Rep training back in-house. I will take equalities into the workplace. I will make our Union much more democratic, transparent and accountable. But the future must be about more than slogans or the views of a few individuals. Take part in our consultation and read our Manifesto  Together we can deliver positive change. 

Steve Turner – 4 Membership Number: 14179492 Branch: LE/128Mobile: 07730894705 and/or 07930595016E-mail: Further Information:

For 39 years I’ve walked in your shoes, listening, learning and leading – from shop steward and officer to assistant general secretary. I understand your frustrations and share your aspirations. Under my leadership, Unite will be a strong, confident union winning at work and in our communities: Proud of our achievements but clear that as the world of work changes, so must we be: providing the best advice and representation to members while supporting our branches and workplaces as we rebuild and green our economy; ensuring reps are trained and have the resources needed to be confident leaders; leaving no-one behind as we meet the challenges ahead; protecting the jobs of today and securing the livelihoods of tomorrow. I see our union as a team and ask you to join us – support our ‘Charter for Change’ to win that better, more secure future for us all  

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