GS Election 2021

Beckett Pulls Out!

Throws weight behind Turner.

Statement from Turner/Beckett


Statement by Sharon Graham

Statement From Gerard Coyne

  “We now have a Communist Party candidate, a Socialist Worker Party candidate and myself in the Unite election. I’m happy to be the mainstream candidate for the members.  “I am the only candidate who would change the culture of the union, make its financial affairs transparent, improve its internal democracy and end the ill-judged attempts to drive the Labour Party from the back seat.  “Previously, I was up against three full time officers of Unite who represented continuity and were opposed to change. Now their number is reduced to two. It makes no difference.   “I am looking forward now to the main contest, in which members of Unite will decide whether their union needs real change or more of the same.  “It’s now clear that if you vote Turner, you get Beckett.” 

Gerald Coyne