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Message from Professor Eilís Ferran

Message from Professor Eilís Ferran, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Institutional and International Relations

This is a message for all University staff about new policies and resources to support a safe and positive culture for everyone at Cambridge.

Dear colleagues, 

We want the University to be a place where everyone can feel safe and thrive. Bullying, harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, and victimisation should have no place at Cambridge.  

You told us in the Nurturing a Culture of Mutual Respect Survey (2018) and the University Staff Survey (2019) that we needed a simpler, more effective approach to dealing with inappropriate behaviour, in which staff could be confident of action and support.  

As a result of your feedback, a University-wide consultation took place in Michaelmas Term 2020 and further input was provided by staff networks and representatives from across the University, University Equality champions and Trade Unions. This led to the development of Change the Culture – a set of new policies, tools and resources that will: 

  • Clarify expectations around behaviour 
  • Simplify and speed up reporting using a new reporting system (Report+Support
  • Provide more support to those experiencing inappropriate behaviour and those alleged to have behaved inappropriately 
  • Improve the skills of managers and others involved in resolving issues 
  • Provide helpful resources to maintain good working relationships during the transition back to the workplace 

Change the Culture resources include a new Mutual Respect Policy (to replace the Dignity at Work Policy), Code of Behaviour and Grievance Policy. Together these clarify the University’s expectations around behaviour andintroduce a clearer and quicker process for resolving incidents of inappropriate behaviour. New training resources have been developed for staff at all levels and to help improve the skills of those directly involved in resolving issues between staff. 

We are also introducing a new, confidential reporting system, Report+Support, that allows students and staff to report inappropriate behaviour, either anonymously or with contact details.It also provides access to enhanced support services including an expanded Mediation Service, Mutual Respect Service and investigator resources. Staff who are also members of Colleges should note that, as legally separate employers, College procedures and practices remain in operation too, and in some cases may be the appropriate route for resolving issues. 

I ask that you familiarise yourselves with all of these resources, which can be found on the Change the Culture website and the Report+Support website.  



Professor Eilís Ferran
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Institutional and International Relations


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